Why Seek Therapy for Substance Abuse Problems?

  • Chemical Dependency is a progressive, usually fatal disease, if left untreated. It is also a genitically influenced, diagnosable disorder that has proven, successful therapuetic approaches to keep it in remission. This is similar to many physical disorders, such as Diabetes or hypertension.
  • Research shows that Therapy for Chemical Dependency has roughly the same success rate as does 12-Step Recovery work, but that the Therapy used in conjunction with 12-Step Recovery work has an additive effect on outcome success. Therefore, for the best chance of achieving a stable recovery from Addiction, evidence-based AddictionTherapy AND ongoing 12-Step Involvement is the best approach.
  • The combination of Therapy and 12-Step Involvement is even more essential for those clients who also experience other Mental Health issues, such as: Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and Sexual or Physical Traumas.
  • Addiction is a Family Disease  and, where possible, treatment success is enhanced by therapeutic approaches that involve other family members, especially if they are not also involved in 12-Step Recovery of their own.